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The complete solution for incredible lighting projects

Twinkly is the intelligent lighting system that allows you to illuminate anything and anywhere, from a Christmas tree to an entire city.

You can't imagine how easy it is!

In three simple steps you will create something spectacular

Set up all devices through the app, without the need for any expensive professional equipment. The most advanced decorating solution is in your hands


You don't have to worry about how to position the lights, position them as you find it easy


Create your layout simply by using your smartphone camera and the Twinkly App


Play fantastic effects already preloaded in the app or create your own in a few simple steps

Twinkly fits every project

No matter how big it is, you can certainly do it with Twinkly

A Twinkly installation can handle hundreds of thousands of LEDs, thanks to the wide range of accessories and lights. Decorate a street, a Christmas tree, or an entire building facade, both indoors and outdoors.

Building facades
City Skyline
Luminous Cone Trees

The Twinkly Pro solution

Hardware & Software complement each other synergistically for an outstanding result

Lights, controllers, cables, routers, and hubs are all driven by an innovative software solution, which is simple yet incredibly powerful. Everything is designed to work in synergy without major headaches and at maximum speed.


Addressable LEDs

Twinkly LEDs are individually controlled and can change colour and brightness in real time.


Red, Green e Blu (16 milion shades)
Perfect for multi-colour effects


Red, Green and Blue (16 million shades) and Warm White
All the colours you could wish for


Amber, Warm White, and White
Perfect for classic and elegant decorations


They perform all the calculations and control the necessary elements for the operation of all the LEDs; they are the connection point between the LEDs and the Twinkly applications.


It powers and manages up to 1500 LEDs with a wired connection to the local network


It manages up to 500 LEDs (with the optional multiconnector) via a local WiFi network.


It powers and manages up to 1000 LEDs with a connection to a local WiFi network.


They help you manage connectivity in large installations and enable remote control.


An outdoor network switch that allows you to connect up to 8 controllers together.


It allows configuration of controllers with the smartphone and connection to the internet thanks to its multiple connection modes, including 4G.


Smartphone App

The only tool you need to set up one or more controllers. Twinkly Pro is compatible only with iOS devices.

Cloud Console

With Twinkly Pro Cloud Console your installations are under your control, wherever you are, remotely.

Get inspired

Create fantastic lighting scenarios perfect for any decorative setting.

Discover what you can achieve with the technology offered by Twinkly Pro, where the only limit is your imagination.

Twinkly Pro catalogue

Explore the wide variety of Twinkly offerings, download the brochure to discover all the latest features of the solution.

Brochure 2023

Compare Twinky versions

Discover the differences and features for all the main versions of Twinkly, from the home-use version to the two professional versions.

Residential use for small installations.

Residential or professional use for small/medium installations.

Professional use for large installations.
Smartphone App App for iOS
App for Android
Automatic detection
Remote control

(On/Off, Brightness adjustment, Color change, and pre-saved effects)

Cloud console
Video import

(only GIFs of a few seconds on Squares)

con Cloud console
Max LEDs per controller 600 1000 1500
Max controllers per group 15 15 by WiFi
Unlimited by cable
IP rating IP44 IP65 IP65
Music compatibility
Desktop App (available soon)
Third-party control OSC
Third-party DMX/ArtNet control
Integration with voice assistants
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