These projectors are suitable for the creation of big amazing sceneries and suggestive lights. We offer you a wide selection of several models, appropriate for different applications: LED or laser projectors for private and domestic use; powerful professional LED projectors with high brightness for the illumination of buildings, restaurants and big events.


Promo 61%
Rotating Diamond Sphere Projector with Blue-Red-Green Light Effects

€13.90 €35.21


Promo 60%
Rotating Disk Projector with DMX Input
  • Light Effects + Sound Activated

€39.89 €99.61
Promo 12%
Promo 4%
1 Color Custom Gobo

€134.20 €139.08
Gobo Snowfall Effect, Ø105 mm

Promo 3%
2 Colors Custom Gobo

€152.50 €157.01
Promo 1%
Full Colors Custom Gobo

€311.10 €314.03