Figure lights

Here you will find the widest variety of shapes and motifs: from stars, trees, spheres, flamingos, to LED square panels and also maxi letters. They can be battery operated or plug-in, sometimes even both. Besides battery operated decorative lights, your will also discover 2D light figures to hang on the wall and bigger 3D light figures.


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Ø 40cm Sphere, 700 Warm White Microleds, Copper Wire
  • Power supply included

€59.90 €88.55
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h 105cm Acrylic Reindeer Christmas Figure, 180 White LEDs
  • 8 Functions (steady light included)



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Ø 58cm Lights Gold Snowflake, 360 Warm White MicroLEDs
  • Power supply included

€42.90 €64.56
h 125cm, 240 White Leds, Transparent Acrylic Raised Paw Reindeer, Timer



h 85cm, Acrylic Baby Reindeer Christmas Figure, 120 White LEDs
  • 8 Functions (steady light included)