Enter the world of Smart lighting.

Make your decorations truly magical with Twinkly: the new generation of

smartphone controllable

LED strings.

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Customise the scene, the show is in your hands

Using the Twinkly app, free for iOS and Android devices, you can select and customise the brightest and most sophisticated lighting effects ever, updated regularly.

Connect the app to your Twinkly device to control the lights remotely, creating sophisticated effects and animations in just a few touches.

Have fun designing new effects or joining two effects together, create layered effects or play a looped playlist, creating your personal light show.

Wi-Fi connectivity

Wi-fi alliance certificate - 802. 11 b/e/g/l/n


BLE connectivity for instant installation


Water and weather resistant for outdoor use

Hey Google, turn Twinkly on!

You can ask Google or Alexa to turn Twinkly on and off, set the brightness or change the colours. Connect Twinkly to your smart home devices for even more control with maximum comfort.

3D layouts. Give shape to your imagination.

The patented 3D reconstruction technology detects the exact position of each LED, allowing you to map the layout from several different angles, to reproduce any effect on any configuration of lights with maximum precision.

Choose your solution

Find the best collection for you, depending on the ambience and the effect you want to achieve.
You can also combine several products and extend your decorations over time.

RGB Collection

Create incredible scenes with the over 16 million ultra-vivid colours of the RGB collection.

View the RGB Collection
The Special Collection

Combine all the power of 16 million RGB colours with the softness of warm white tones.

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The Gold Collection

Choose the elegance of gold, bronze and silver tones to create an atmosphere of enchanting serenity.

View the Gold Collection

Groups and scenes.
For those who want to make it big.

Moltiplica il divertimento! With the App you can combine several Twinklys together and use them as one device to create larger set-ups, such as a trail or a sparkling house.

  • JOIN

    Use the JOIN feature for large arrangements. Want to impress your friends with a super bright tree? Combine 3 Twinkly 400 LEDs to create a magnificent 1,200 LED tree!

  • SYNC

    Want to create a spectacular effect? Use the SYNC feature to synchronise several similar products and play the same effect simultaneously on all of them.


    Use the SCENE feature to manage multiple products and different shapes. Do you have stalactites on the walls, festoons in the windows and a Christmas tree in the hall? Create a scene and manage them all!

Do you really want to impress?
Make your lights dance to the rhythm of music.

With the Twinkly app, free for iOS and Android devices, you can choose and customise the most brilliant and sophisticated lighting effects ever, updated regularly.

With Twinkly Music you give colour and shape to any sound through drivers: effects that move in synchrony with your music.

Its revolutionary technology detects any sound in real time. From Christmas songs to techno music, turning your lighting effects into a combined audiovisual experience. You can even clap your hands and Twinkly will move with you!

Twinkly Music is really easy to use: connect it to the same wi-fi as the Twinkly lights and let the dancing begin.

View Twinkly Music

Razer Chroma™ RGB for Twinkly.
Take your gaming beyond the screen.

Are you a gamer? Enjoy a multisensory experience with lighting effects that follow the events of your game, bringing it into the room all around you. It will be like being at the centre of the scene.

The Twinkly Chroma Connector app allows you to connect your entire range of Twinkly products to the Razer Chroma™ RGB and enabled games.

Get inspired

Discover all the ways Twinkly Pro brings your imagination to life.

How many LEDs for a Christmas tree?

The following table provides an indication of the quantity of LEDs needed to set up a Christmas tree with Twinkly lights.

Christmas tree
Rich effect
120 cm 250 LED
1 x Twinkly 250 LED
350 LED
1 x Twinkly 250 LED
1 x Twinkly 100 LED
150 cm 400 LED
1 x Twinkly 400 LED
500 LED
2 x Twinkly 250 LED
180 cm 600 LED
1 x Twinkly 600 LED
800 LED
2 x Twinkly 400 LED
210 cm 900 LED
1 x Twinkly 100 LED
2 x Twinkly 400 LED
1200 LED
2 x Twinkly 600 LED
240 cm 1200 LED
2 x Twinkly 600 LED
1450 LED
1 x Twinkly 250 LED
2 x Twinkly 600 LED
270 cm 1600 LED
1 x Twinkly 400 LED
2 x Twinkly 600 LED
1800 LED
3 x Twinkly 600 LED

Get your Twinkly

Each collection takes the shape of your ideas: curtains, stalactites, chains and luminous garlands. Choose your favourite line and colour and let the lights cast their magic.