Decorative String Lights

They are bright string lights embellished with decorations such as vintage bulbs, colorful fabric lanterns, LED stars. There are also many light strings decorated with pine cones, balls and other Christmas motifs. Among the decorated strings you will find indoor strings (battery operated) and the outdoor ones (electricity operated).


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5.25m 16 Warm White LEDs Battery Operated White Lanterns String Lights, Clear Cable

€10.10 €21.45


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6m, 40 Warm White Mini Spheres String Lights Ø 35 mm, Green cable

€9.89 €27.60
2.4m, h 22cm 8 Icicles 80 White Leds Icicle Lighs, Clear Cable, Extendable
  • Power supply included
  • Extendable up to 7.2 m (3 pc)



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5m Solar Light String, 50 white spheres Ø 20 mm, warm white led, black cable
  • 8 Functions (steady light included)

€9.88 €14.13


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20m String Lights, 200 Mini Spheres Ø 15 mm, Dual Color Warm White and Multicolor LEDs, Green Cable
  • Steady light + Color gradient effects
  • Power supply included