Decorative silhouette lights

These light figures will certainly add a personal touch to all your events. We offer you a wide range of motifs to choose from, of all styles and vibes: from Christmas figures to summer party motifs, thought for restaurants, cafés and stores. These light figures can easily stand or even hang on a wall or a tree, both indoor and outdoor.


H.1m 60 Warm White LEDs Silver Aluminum Column
  • Different sizes available



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58cm Brown Triple Star lights, 262 Warm White MicroLEDs

€49.07 €61.33
Promo 11%
50cm Brown Double Star lights, 180 Warm White MicroLEDs
  • Power supply included

€42.90 €48.42
Promo 32%
Ø 25cm, 23 White MicroLEDs, Silver Star Tree Topper
  • Different sizes available

€19.90 €29.21


30cm 60 Warm White LEDs Silver Aluminum Sphere
  • Different sizes available

Ø 40 cm, 60 Warm White LEDs Star Lights
  • Different sizes available

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Promo 20%
40cm 100 Natural White LEDs Silver Aluminum Cube
  • Different sizes available

€93.84 €117.29
h 280 cm, 550 White and Warm White LEDs Pixel, Foldable Conical Christmas Tree
  • Power supply included