Starry Skies for Unforgettable Events

Are you looking for ideas to make a location magical and atmospheric?
Our starry sky solutions will illuminate your space and leave an unforgettable feeling of wonder and amazement for you and your guests.
Discover all the options available.

Which starry sky do you want to create?

There isn't just one way to create a starry sky, but many variations depending on your location. Discover the types of starry skies, including the most commonly requested ones.

How to design your starry sky?

There are several products you can use to create a starry sky. Discover how to identify the right product for your installation.

Outdoor Durability

There are product series more suitable for outdoor installations, but professional lighting is not always necessary.


Professional LEDs are resin-coated and designed to withstand outdoor weather conditions. The cables are thicker and more robust, providing increased resistance to tension.


The commercial series features smaller LEDs and thinner cables. It is aesthetically preferable for indoor use or temporary outdoor installations.

Installation Height

If the lights reach down to the ground or are within reach of people's hands, it is necessary to opt for a product with suitable safety standards.


Outdoors, if the lights are within reach or at a height lower than 2.5 meters, it is necessary to choose low voltage lights.

230 VOLT

For large-scale starry skies, if the lights do not descend below 2.5 meters, it is better to opt for 230-volt lights, thus minimizing the decrease in brightness of the bulbs.

Luminous Effect

A subtle animation of the starry sky lights creates a highly captivating effect. Discover the available options beyond static lighting.


Only 10% of the lights shine automatically. In starry skies, the flashing mode of the same color as the steady lights is often chosen.


With Twinkly's Pixel LED lights, you can program your own effects to create fantastic animated scenes simply using your smartphone.

Light Color

The light color is essential for creating the right atmosphere. Discover all available options besides the timeless warm white.


Is the most chosen colour of the starry skies. It creates a pleasant, relaxing, and very cozy atmosphere.


A more versatile solution where, in addition to warm white, you can choose a light color that matches the theme of the event.

Cable Color

Often overlooked, the color of the cable plays a significant role in the final visual effect of the setup.


The light-colored cable enhances the brightness of the lights, making them appear more vibrant. During the day, it is less noticeable, but at night, it becomes part of the overall setup.


The dark-colored cable makes the focal point of light stand out, creating the illusion of it being suspended in the sky. It is visible during the day but disappears into the darkness at night.

Starry Sky with Twinkly Plus

Thanks to Twinkly's programmable lights you can create incredible starry skies. Twinkly Plus allows you to customise the tone of the lights in line with with the theme of your event and easily synchronize the lights to the rhythm of music.

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