Smart lights

Manage your lights from your smartphone, Christmas lights and bright decorations for the Holidays, welcomes you!

Luminal Park was founded in 1985 as a small artisan company producing and installing Christmas street lights and decorations for summer parties, both with indoor lights and with outdoor lights.

In 2006 we decided to open the first online store in Italy for the sale of professional Christmas lights with a range of Christmas decorations perfect for installers or Public Organizations interested in a Christmas decoration of high level, reliable and great visual effect.

The expertise acquired in the design and implementation of arrangements allows us to give an excellent consulting service to those who privately want to make a good Christmas decoration of their own house.

As part of the Christmas lights we offer the full range of indoor and outdoor light decorations, to illuminate and decorate during the Christmas holidays your home or outdoor environments such as city streets and stores. Net Lights, string light, rope lights and battery lights are just some of the products available in different colors and sizes according to customer needs and preferences.

Our product range is completed with lines of decorative lights for other holidays of the year or for special events: among them there are light decorations and outdoor lights for Halloween, and to complete the wedding decorations and Summer parties.

Luminal Park also offers decorating accessories to complement the classic Christmas lights, the decorations that are used to complete the festive atmosphere of Christmas lights, such as artificial Christmas trees, the hanging decorations, and Christmas-inspired kits that include festoons, garlands and wreaths.