Twinkly Plus: Professional smart LED lighting for everyone

A series of high-quality lights designed to make the installation of Twinkly devices even easier for small and medium-sized setups.



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Twinkly Plus is a new line of Smart LED decorative lights that combines the ease and versatility of Twinkly with the reliability, durability, and scalability of the Twinkly Pro professional line.

Twinkly is the benchmark brand for decorative lights where anyone can easily customize the color and lighting effects to adapt them to the event or environment they want to enhance.

The lights thus become a decorative object to be used all year round, a fundamental element to create the perfect setting to welcome our guests or clients, or simply to make us feel good.

The first Twinkly lights introduced to the market were designed for residential use or for small setups inside shops or venues. In the following years, thanks to the gained experience, the Twinkly Pro professional series was born.

Twinkly Pro was designed for large-scale professional setups where the lights are built to withstand outdoor conditions for extended periods, thanks to resin-coated LEDs and reinforced cables. The included accessories also allow for complex outdoor installations even without a local wired or WiFi network infrastructure.

Despite the complexity of the setups that can be achieved, Twinkly Pro is relatively easy to use. There is no need for a technician to install or program the lights, nor is there a requirement for expensive software. Everything is managed through the free Twinkly app installed on your mobile device.

Why a new set of lights?

In many installations, whether they are small or medium-sized residential or professional setups, Twinkly Pro might be seen as a solution that is overly advanced, with some functionalities that may not be utilized to their full extent.

While Twinkly Pro is very simple to use, some experience is still required, especially during the initial installation and setup of the devices. Another limitation is that it is only compatible with iOS devices.

At the same time, Twinkly, the residential version of lights, is not suitable for prolonged outdoor use or situations where the management of thousands of LEDs is required.

Twinkly Plus combines many positive aspects of both the residential and professional lines, offering features and functionalities perfect for various applications.

The Twinkly Plus solution

The intention to create a simpler professional line has led to the definition of a narrower range of products:

  • Controller;

  • Lights (strings, bulb strings or garlands, dots, curtains, and icicles).


The controller is the device that powers and manages the communication between the lights and the Twinkly App.

In Twinkly Plus, there is a single controller for all the lights. This controller is very versatile because, unlike other series, it integrates three types of network interfaces: two wireless (Bluetooth and WiFi) and one wired Ethernet interface.

Depending on the project, you can decide whether the controller's connection to the local network should be:

  • Through the Ethernet cable, recommended option if:
    • The WiFi network is not optimal or there is a risk of interference.
    • There are many WiFi devices to connect.
  • Through the WiFi wireless network, a possible option if:
    • There are few controllers to connect together.
    • The WiFi coverage is very good.
    • The objects to decorate are spaced far apart, and a wired connection would be complex.

One of the most interesting aspects of Twinkly Plus is that within the same installation, groups can be created between controllers connected via both Ethernet cable and WiFi, provided they are on the same local network.

This will allow you to prefer the wired connection where it is simpler, while leaving the WiFi connection for the controllers that are farther away.

The controller has 4 output ports to connect as many lights, with a maximum of 250 LEDs per port or 1,000 LEDs in total.

Different types of lights cannot be connected simultaneously to the controller.


The Twinkly Plus lights have functional and aesthetic features very similar to the Twinkly Pro lights, although they are not compatible with each other.

Currently, there are 5 types of lights:

  • String Lights;
  • Festoon Light;
  • Dots Lights String;
  • Curtain Lights;
  • Icicle Lights.

The integrated LEDs are resin-coated and therefore highly resistant to weather conditions. Moreover, they all have the same color profile, which includes RGB and Warm White.

This means that you can choose the light shade from 16 million colors (thanks to the combination of different brightness levels of Red, Green, and Blue LEDs) and pure Warm White. A truly wide range of light colors that will meet any decorative need.

Another important feature, especially for outdoor use, is the robust PVC cable, available in transparent or dark green/black color.

Typical applications of Twinkly Plus

Twinkly Plus is the perfect solution for many applications or events, such as:

When to choose Twinkly Plus

It's easier to explain how to choose the purchase of Twinkly Plus lights with some examples of installations:

Nr. Application of use Twinkly Twinkly Plus Twinkly Pro
1 Christmas tree over 2.5 meters (both residential and non-residential)
Thin cable for tall outdoor trees

More complex, more expensive
2 Installation on the wall of a small/medium-sized shop
Group creation limited to a few controllers, WiFi connection only

More complex, more expensive
3 Permanent setup of plants in the garden of a venue (restaurant, hotel, bar)
Temporary outdoor setups, IP44 protection rating

More complex, more expensive
4 Setting up an outdoor or indoor starry sky in a venue for an event (weddings, parties, etc.)
Group creation limited to a few controllers

More complex, more expensive
5 Lighting of a large interior wall for an office or public establishment
Group creation limited to a few controllers, WiFi connection only

More complex, more expensive

As evident in all these cases, the use of Twinkly (residential version) is not recommended.

On the other hand, it is, of course, possible to opt for Twinkly Pro, but the management is more complex and expensive. The additional specific features of the Twinkly Pro line may not be necessary for this type of installations (for example, the use of DMX control).

All these applications are perfect for Twinkly Plus because:

  • The LEDs are resin-coated: they withstand outdoor conditions even for prolonged use over time;

  • The cables are more robust: they have greater mechanical strength, making them preferable for installations on large trees (although for very large trees, a support is still necessary - the electrical cable is never self-supporting);

  • Two alternative connection modes: with the same controller, depending on the setup, you can choose between a wired Ethernet connection (more secure, interference-free, and scalable with an unlimited number of LEDs) or a WiFi connection (useful if there are decorations farther away and difficult to reach with the data cable).

As you can see, the most complex evaluation to make is between an installation with Twinkly Plus or Pro, as in many cases, both solutions are valid.

Let's make a simple example of an installation where we can evaluate the positive and negative aspects of the two professional solutions. Let's suppose we want to set up an outdoor tree that is 8 meters tall.

TWINKLY PRO Quantity Unit price Amount
TW75851 Ethernet controller and power supply, 6 ports 4 € 534,37 € 2.137,48
TW76100 String Lights 25m, 250 Led and Warm White 24 € 198,96 € 4.775,04
Total Twinkly Pro € 6.912,52
  • If needed, network devices designed specifically for Twinkly Pro are available for outdoor use (network switches or WiFi routers);
  • Third-party control is possible (DMX, Artnet);
  • There are fewer connections: I can connect up to 6 decorations per controller;
  • Remote control with the Cloud Console web app;
  • There are multiple LED color profiles: RGB, RGB and Warm White, and AWW (Amber, Warm White, and White).
  • It has a higher purchase cost;
  • It only works with iOS devices;
  • It is more involved to set up initially, requiring some experience;
  • Music synchronization is only available with the Music Player, which requires creating a specific multimedia file;
  • The network connection is exclusive, either via Ethernet cable or via WiFi.
TWINKLY PLUS Quantity Unit price Amount
WiFi Ethernet Controller and Power Supply, 4 ports 6 € 139,98 € 839,88
String Lights 25m, 250 Led and Warm White 24 € 119,99 € 2.879,76
Totale Twinkly Plus € 3.719,24
  • It has a lower purchase cost;
  • Works with both iOS and Android devices;
  • Automatic light recognition;
  • Remote control via Twinkly mobile app (on/off, pre-selected effects and brightness change);
  • Compatible with the Twinkly Entertainment desktop app;
  • Compatible with the Twinkly Music stick;
  • Dual connection interface Wifi or Ethernet;
  • It is compatible with Alexa and Google Home voice assistants.
  • More connections, up to  4 decorations can be connected;
  • For network cabling, there are no Twinkly devices designed for outdoor use (for example network switches)
  • For connection to the Internet, in areas where there is no local network access, there are no Twinkly devices for outdoor use (4G WiFi router);
  • The AWW (Amber, Warm White, and White) LED color profile is not available.
  • Remote control via the app offers fewer functionalities compared to the Cloud Console.

Twinkly Plus main features


One of the features that distinguishes Twinkly Plus from the Pro version, and makes it extremely simple, is the auto-detection of the type of decoration connected to the controller.

Once the lights are connected, the Twinkly App will automatically recognise whether it is a light string or a curtain and immediately set itself up to map the LEDs.


Mapping will allow you to create a virtual three-dimensional model of your installation.

Using your mobile phone's camera, thanks to a powerful computer vision algorithm, the Twinkly App will automatically recognise the position of each LED. The process takes only a few moments.

This function speeds up the positioning of the lights, because you do not have to arrange them according to a specific path but as is most convenient for you. It is the subsequent mapping that will locate each LED in its exact position.


The customisations are truly endless. You can use one of the many pre-installed effects and edit them, or you can create your own through the powerful FX Wizard tool.

You can also create texts, import photos and videos and project them on the lights as if they were the pixels of a large display.


When the controllers are connected to the Internet, some functions of the Twinkly App will be available even if you are not physically at the installation location.

From the control panel you can:

  • Switching the lights on or off;
  • Adjust brightness;
  • Select the colours, effects or playlist to be played.


Twinkly Music is a USB-powered digital microphone that lets you animate lights in an instant in time to music. Twinkly Plus is the only professional series compatible with this device, which is very quick and easy to install and use.


Twinkly Entertainment is a new software for desktop PCs that you can use to create an original immersive experience, in which the lights come alive depending on what is being played on the computer: audio and video.

The functionalities are as follows:

  • Connection to the main audio streaming services: the software is able to receive audio streaming (such as Spotify) which becomes the sound source for the lighting effects to be played on the lights. Compared to Twinkly Music, this solution guarantees faithful reproduction of what is reproduced because the incoming audio is not affected by ambient noise;

  • Accurate audio synchronisation: visual reproduction is created directly from the audio output source with the processing power of a computer, the responsiveness and accuracy of music-based effects will both be very high;

  • Screen projector: you can synchronise the lights with what is currently being played on the computer screen: great for music parties;

  • Built-in library of advanced VFX effects: a library of advanced visual effects, created for professional-level use cases for high-level immersion, is available.


Some features of Twinkly Plus can also be managed with certain voice assistants, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Differences between all Twinkly versions

There are three versions of Twinkly, each designed for certain areas of application, but in some cases it can be difficult to know which one is best suited to your needs. That is why we offer you a table comparing the functionalities of the different versions.

Residential use for small installations.

Residential or professional use for small/medium installations.

Professional use for large installations.
Smartphone App App for iOS
App for Android
Automatic detection
Remote control

(On/Off, Brightness change, Colour change and pre-saved effects)

Cloud console
Video import

(only GIFs of a few seconds on Squares)

with Cloud console
LEDs max each controller 600 1000 1500
Max controllers for each group 15 15 by WiFi
Unlimited by cable
IP rating IP44 IP65 IP65
Music compatibility
Desktop App (available soon)
Third-party control OSC
Third-party DMX/ArtNet control
Integration with voice assistants
See Twinkly
See Twinkly Plus
See Twinkly Pro


Twinkly Plus has all the functionality of Twinkly but also all the reliability of Twinkly Pro. Compared to Twinkly Pro, it has some feature limitations that are only useful for advanced applications, such as third-party control (DMX, Artnet) or calendar programming via Cloud Console.

For this last feature, Twinkly plans to release a function in the mobile app in the future that will allow a power-on and power-off schedule very similar to that of Cloud Console.

If you still have doubts about the set-up you want to realise and would like advice, please remember that you can contact us without any obligation. We will evaluate together the best solution according to your needs.

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