Professional 230V lights

Professional Modular Line (PML)

By using this product Line, it is possible to create large installations with high quality and reliable products, designed to resist the elements for a long time and to be easily installed.

Quick and easy connections

PML products have built-in connectors that ensure compatibility and allow them to be extended

High durability
A special epoxy resin insulates the led from the atmospheric agents
Robust cables
Thick rubber cables withstand low temperatures
Each product can be connected to others in the same series

Spectacular sets

The use of 230V decorations makes it possible to cover large areas and create complex installations.

Which technology do you prefer?

Comparison of a 3 x 0.5 metre icicle 114 Maxiled warm white and a 3.2 x 0.4 metre icicle 56 Super Led warm white

Enchant with light effects


Facilitate the installation and creation of any of your settings

Looking for professional low voltage lights?

By law all luminaries installed below 2.5 meters in height must be low voltage-powered

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