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Professional smart led lighting for everyone

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Perfect anywhere and for all occasions

Extreme versatility in the choice of effects and colors allows you to build the perfect scene in any setting or event.


The day when everything must be perfect and unforgettable. Spectacular light installations, with colors to match the theme of the event, create a magical and exciting atmosphere for the bride and groom and their guests.


Whether it is a birthday, a promotion, a corporate event or a national holiday, Twinkly offers you endless creativity for any party or celebration.

Commercial applications

Lights create a welcoming environment where customers and visitors can feel good, whether in storefronts, stores, offices, malls or gyms.

Residential use

For any holiday, from Christmas to Halloween, Easter to a summer party, these are the perfect year-round lights.

The Twinkly Plus Solution

A professional installation with Twinkly Plus is simple and straightforward. Anyone can make high quality professional setups, you just have to think about what you want to decorate!


One device for all uses

The controller for outdoor use integrates both WiFi and Ethernet connectivity, simplifying installation: connect even the most distant lights. The high level of weather resistance allows you to leave them for longer periods outside and in all weather conditions.


RGB and Warm White

All the lights have the same type of Led, with the widest color range, so you can adapt the color of the light to the set you want to create. You will thus be able to synchronize lights of different types, without worrying about which LED is integrated.


What you need to create spectacular setups

The lights are designed to withstand the elements, thanks to resinated LEDs and strong pvc cables.

Light strings
Festoon Light
Light Curtains
Light Icicles

Features that make it special

The perfect integration of hardware and software creates a system that makes Twinkly extremely versatile but also easy to use. At the heart of it all is the Smartphone application (available on both iOS and Android) that integrates unique features.


With Twinkly Plus, setup has never been easier

The controller automatically recognizes which decoration has been connected, allowing you a quick setup process. All that will remain is for you to open the Twinkly App and connect the controller to an Internet connection. At that point you will appreciate the features and benefits of Twinkly!


Frame the lights with your smartphone camera, Twinkly will do the rest

The Twinkly App maps the exact location of each LED using your smartphone camera, recreating a virtual 3D model of your installation. Be fascinated by the faithful reconstruction Twinkly will make of your object, easily and quickly.


Endless animations and effects

The Twinkly App is a real source of creative potential: millions of hues, shades, shapes, as well as the ability to create, customize, and edit preloaded effects and animations. You can add custom text or a photo as if it were a light display.


Manage lights away from the installation site

By activating the function on the App you will be able to manage some features of the lights even if you are away from the installation location. For example, you will be able to turn them on/off, change the brightness, select the color, the effect from pre-saved ones or the playlist.


Make the lights dance to the rhythm of the music

The digital, USB-powered microphone listens and interprets the sounds of your environment, synchronizing the lights with any nearby recorded or live music. Quick and easy to install and use.

DESKTOP APPLICATION (available soon)

Twinkly Entertainment

It is the new software for desktop computers that allows you to animate lights to music. Thanks to an advanced library of visual effects, which will be available in the application, you will create fantastic immersive animations. It is also possible to animate lights from a streaming music stream such as Spotify, for high accuracy and responsiveness.

Twinkly Plus Brochure

Discover the wide variety of Twinkly's product range, download the Brochure to find out all the new features of the solution.

Brochure 2023

Compare Twinky versions

Find out what the differences are between the Twinkly series, from the home version to the two professional versions, and learn about all their features.

Residential use for small installations.

Residential or professional use for small/medium installations.

Professional use for large installations.
Smartphone App iOS App
Android App
Automatic detection
Remote control

(On/Off, Brightness change, Color change and pre-saved effects)

Cloud console
Video import

(only GIFs of a few seconds on Squares)

with Cloud console
LEDs max each controller 600 1000 1500
Max controllers each group 15 15 by WiFi
Unlimited by cable
IP rating IP44 IP65 IP65
Music controller compatibility
Desktop App (available soon)
Third-party control OSC
Third-party control DMX/ArtNet
Integration with voice assistants
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