New Christmas lights 2023

Awaken emotions with Christmas lights

A large catalog of Christmas lights always in line with current trends, both for professional and home use.

Professional PML Silhouettes

The new PML lights are designed for spectacular illumination of trees and building façades. Thanks to their compatibility with the accessories of the PML line, such as extension cables and multi-connectors, complex installations can be created with ease. They can be connected to MaxiLED professional lights, such as icicle lights, curtain or string lights, expanding the creative options available.

Silhouette lights for outdoor trees

Using the T multiconnectors and PML extensions, it will be easy to place the light figures on tree branches. These figures are the ideal complement to a traditional light string decoration.

Silhouette lights for building façades

Compatibility with all PML accessories allows them to be inserted between stalactite lights installed along the eaves, or to be dropped at different heights on the walls of a building, perhaps connected at the end of a festoon string.

Smart Lights

The new professional line for everyone

Professional PML Cascade lights

Professional light cascades are an excellent alternative for decorating trees and building facades. These pendant lights create an extraordinary impact thanks to their high density of LEDs, carefully spaced along the main cable to ensure a brighter and richer decoration.

Cascade lights for outdoor trees

Get a spectacular lighting effect when decorating bare trees that are always difficult to illuminate. Make waterfalls cascade from the branches randomly by connecting several pieces together thanks to the integrated connectors.

Cascades of eaves lights

Some cascades are designed as a valid alternative for decorating the eaves of a building due to their very close pendants and limited height. You can also use them for edging a fence or balcony.

Cream & Brown Figure lights

Cream & Brown's spectacular range of luminous figures is further expanded with new models of reindeer, sleighs and the introduction of magnificent luminous greeting signs.

Cream & Brown Reindeer and light sleighs

Three-dimensional reindeer and sleighs are a spectacular decoration for the garden, both during the day and at night. The white and brown details stand out during the day when the decoration is off and shine at night with the lights on.

Illuminated greeting signs Cream & Brown

The new three-dimensional greetings lettering complements the already rich Cream & Brown figure series. Cream-coloured cotton thread covers the white metal structure, making the lettering a beautiful decoration both by day and by night.

Branches and Trees Holm or Lime trees

This new range of branches, trees and twigballs is defined by the presence of a large number of microleds which, instead of being integrated along the branches, are spaced out thanks to a very thin metal cable. The decoration will thus be more full of light and therefore brighter and more scenic.

Trees and Branches Holm or Lime Trees

The Holm and Lime trees are extremely eye-catching thanks to the high density of LEDs filling the gap between the branches. The decoration is perfect for a Christmas decoration of a shop, venue or inside the home. You can add further decorations to customise the final effect.

TwigBall Lime

The new version of TwigBall Lime integrates a large number of micro LEDs, which have the special feature of not being integrated on the branches but connected by a very thin metal cable about 3 centimetres long. This gives the decoration more volume and fullness of light. Available in two diameters, 35 and 45 centimetres.

Winder for light strings

A practical light strings storage system to help you store them in the best possible way. It is available with the light strings included or as an accessory for wrapping up light strings you already own.