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The company: Luminaires and lighting technology since 1985

Luminal Park was founded in 1985 as a small artisan company producing and installing street lights, mainly for Christmas and festive occasions.

Over the years Luminal Park has established itself among professionals for the originality and reliability of its products, the attention to detail and the great scenic appearance of its installations. nasce nel 2006 come primo negozio on line per la vendita di prodotti professionali per la decorazione luminosa. Fin dall’inizio l’intenzione è stata quella di fornire una vasta gamma di soluzioni professionali sia per la decorazione luminosa natalizia che per qualsiasi altro evento (un party estivo, un matrimonio, ecc.).

Thanks to the passion and expertise of its staff has grown exponentially in these few years establishing itself as the first reference site in the industry, not only for the wide range of products it offers, but also for the quality and originality of the products, for the convenience and for the service that can ensure customers.

When you call Luminal Park you will always find staff prepared to answer you with competence and professionalism, helping you to find the right product to meet your decoration needs.

The eCommerce platform has been designed and created directly by Luminal Park to provide the best service to the customer. The platform is constantly evolving, not only in terms of graphics, but also and above all in terms of the services it offers both the end customer and the professional installer.

Luminous decoration is not only used to celebrate a particular event but is also becoming a way of decorating our homes and workplaces in an innovative way.

Lighting is not just about illuminating rooms, it is also about furnishing them!

Browsing our online catalogue you will see the best and most innovative products available light decorations.