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A fairytale wedding

Make a dream come true with wedding lights

Would you like to create a magical setting? Take inspiration from our installations, discover original ideas and buy online the ideal decorative lights to give the promise of love of the married couple a fairy tale background.

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ideas for a starry sky
It's the trend of the moment, the one that all brides and grooms dream of and ask to recreate above the long tables. It's easy to realize and the effect is spectacular. It provides an enchanting setting at the ceremony and can be customized with tulle or other fine materials that bring out its brilliance.


Decorative lights combine with natural daylight to festively illuminate your ceremony; in the dark they glow in the shadows like many little fireflies. With the light decorations embellish the location, follow the tastes and fantasies of the bride and groom and create a unique and unforgettable setting.

How to decorate greenery
Outdoor weddings are undoubtedly the most beautiful and scenic, especially when the location is enhanced with led lights. In the setting of a wedding in a forest or a wedding in the garden, the lights animate and embellish trunks, climbing plants, foliage and roses.


With the lights you give a new frame to the wedding: they transform the location into an enchanted world and light up the atmosphere but they are also functional because they can create or suggest, separate and signal new spaces in the dark.

create a fairytale setting

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