Christmas Reindeers

Designed to liven up the garden during the holidays, they are ready to use and are easy to install. You can choose between 2D or 3D reindeers, coming in various and natural poses. We offer you Christmas reindeers, small or large, illuminated by LED Neon Flex, acrylic nets or strings of micro LED lights.


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h 125cm, 240 White Leds, Transparent Acrylic Raised Paw Reindeer, Timer



h 105cm Acrylic Reindeer Christmas Figure, 180 White LEDs
  • 8 Functions (steady light included)



h 60cm, 140 Warm White MicroLEDs, 3D Brown Metal Reindeer, Copper Wire
  • Flashing Warm White
  • Power supply included

h 85cm, Acrylic Baby Reindeer Christmas Figure, 120 White LEDs
  • 8 Functions (steady light included)