How to choose a string of light bulbs: everything you need to know

There are many models and it's difficult to understand why one should buy one over another. Find answers to all your doubts with our guide and discover the string of lights that suits you.



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Decorating with light bulbs is quite easy, but choosing the right string can be challenging. That's why we have prepared this practical guide to help you choose the one that best suits your decoration and styling needs.

We encourage you to ask yourself several questions before making a decision, as some deserve more attention than others. Click on the options that are gradually presented to you.


Outdoor light bulb strings

There are thousands of outdoor light bulb strings, but not all of them may be suitable for your setup. There are several aspects to consider, and what we would like to know first is how long the strings will be outdoors and during which time of the year.

The longer they stay outside, the higher the chance that they may wear out or deteriorate due to weather conditions and extreme temperature changes.

Furthermore, not all outdoor environments are the same. The saltiness in coastal areas and the cold temperatures in mountainous regions may, in certain circumstances, require the use of professional-grade products.

So ask yourself whether you are looking for light bulbs for occasional parties or to decorate a venue or garden for the upcoming season.

Indoor light bulb strings

Inside public venues and private homes, you can use the light bulb strings that you like the most because they are protected from weather conditions and are less likely to wear out. Additionally, they are less prone to getting dirty, which allows them to remain beautiful for a longer time.

However, not all light bulb strings produce the same effect. Some are not very bright and primarily suitable for creating ambiance, while others can create ambiance while adequately illuminating a space.

Strings of bulbs for a temporary set-up

A temporary setup generally poses fewer challenges and requires less concern compared to a permanent one. It is crucial to have a functional and visually impactful product, but it doesn't necessarily require professional-grade products or significant financial investments.

You could consider opting for plastic light bulb strings. While they may not be as visually appealing as glass ones, their effect is still impressive, and in many instances, they prove to be the better option.

For example, when decorating a wedding or an outdoor event, plastic light bulb strings are more resistant to wind and impacts, in addition to being more cost-effective compared to glass ones.

During the setup and dismantling process, you can rest assured because there is no risk of them breaking. Plastic light bulb strings are shatterproof and provide added convenience in terms of handling and storage.

We have a wide range of light bulb strings for you to choose from. However, before making a decision, you should ask yourself:

Light bulb strings for a permanent setup

If you are looking for an outdoor product to design the setup for your patio or garden, you have only one option: opt for Vintage Led Pro professional light bulb strings.

Let us explain why:

  • These light bulb strings have thick cables and water-resistant rubber bulb sockets , making them highly resistant to weather conditions;

  • Are modular products, this allows you to buy only the metres you need and to vary the length as required;

  • The light bulbs are replaceable: the bulb sockets have an E27 base, making them compatible with a wide range of bulbs available in the market, as long as they are E27 and operate at 230V. Therefore, if a glass LED bulb burns out or breaks, it is easy to replace it. Additionally, if you wish to reuse the light bulb string next year but want a different lighting effect, you can use bulbs of different shapes, colors, and brightness.

CAUTION: Remember that they operate at 230V, so they should not be installed at a height where they can be accessed by people as they may pose a safety hazard. Additionally, they should always be secured to a steel or nylon cord that is properly tensioned, while the light bulb strings themselves should be kept loose once hung.

This series offers significant advantages: it allows you to power multiple light bulb strings together with a total power not exceeding 1000W. With some models, you can work with lengths of up to 100 meters.

In addition to being extendable, this series is customizable: you can purchase individual components and assemble them as you wish, allowing you to create the light bulb string that suits your preferences.

Professional vintage light bulb strings not only provide effective illumination but also stylishly decorate your space. They help create and spread a pleasant atmosphere while adding a touch of elegance.

Illuminating with vintage light bulbs

What do you need to illuminate, and what kind of setup do you have in mind? But most importantly... at what height will the lights be installed?

If the lights are installed at a high position, it may not matter. However, if they are at a human reachable height, it is necessary, as per regulations, to use low-voltage light bulb strings to ensure the safety of people and animals in case of close contact.

Luminal Park offers two series of light bulb strings for illumination: the Vintage Led 36V series and the Vintage Led Pro 230V series.

Both series have replaceable glass bulbs. The bulb sockets have an E27 base, which means that various bulb models can be used as long as they are compatible with the E27 socket.

CAUTION: The low-voltage light bulb strings operating at 36V require bulbs specifically designed for 36V, not 230V bulbs.

If you are using the light bulbs to illuminate an indoor space, we recommend the 36V line because it features a thinner and more elegant cable, which enhances the overall visual appeal.

Both series offer a wide variety of accessories designed to facilitate installation. Both are extendable and customizable, but the Vintage LED Pro series allows for more creative freedom and customization options.

The series can be assembled according to personal preference by combining various elements, including bulbs, light bulb strings, bulb sockets, power cables, extensions, and multi-connectors. This allows for a customized configuration based on individual needs and preferences.

The Vintage LED Pro series also offers remarkable extendability. Multiple light bulb strings can be powered using the same plug, with a total power capacity of 1000W. This series does not require transformers since it operates at 230V, resulting in less bulky and cumbersome cables that are more convenient for installers to work with.

Decorating with vintage light bulbs

If your space is already adequately illuminated, vintage light bulbs can serve as decorative and luminous accents.

In this case, there is no need for professional lighting if small areas are to be covered.

You can opt for strings of softly lit bulbs, which bring a touch of light and the right atmosphere into the room.

There are several models to choose from based on your needs:

  • Lights in the series Party Light Designed for those with a small budget or for those seeking an occasional use product. They have non-replaceable plastic bulbs;

  • Lights in the series Party Light Pro: They represent an excellent compromise between professionalism and affordability. The bulbs are made of plastic, the cables are reinforced and well-insulated. The light bulb strings have a decent extendability.

We particularly recommend these light bulb strings because, in our opinion, they provide the most beautiful effect:

We would like to emphasize that these light bulb strings are decorative in nature and not intended as a primary lighting product.

They provide a soft and warm light that enhances the atmosphere, perfect for occasions such as weddings or dinner parties with friends on the terrace.

They all have non-replaceable plastic bulbs, so possible water ingress into the lamp holders must be avoided.

As you can see, there are many factors to consider when choosing a light bulb string. That's why we focus on offering a wide variety in our assortment, so that you can find the model that best meets your needs.

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How to choose a light bulb string: everything you need to know

How to choose a light bulb string: everything you need to know

There are many models and it is difficult to understand why you should buy one rather than another. Answer all your doubts with our guide and find the string that is right for you.
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