Christmas figure lights

We introduce to you here Christmas figure lights of different shapes and sizes: reindeer lights, large nativity scenes and lighted trees covered with LED Neon Flex to illuminate and decorate the outdoors. In the catalog you will also find many Christmas motifs to hang and Christmas light figures for indoor decoration of walls and shelves, such as spheres, stars and trees.


Promo 53%
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Promo 32%
Ø 40cm Sphere, 700 Warm White Microleds, Copper Wire
  • Power supply included

€59.90 €88.55
Promo 46%
Promo 75%
h 105cm Acrylic Reindeer Christmas Figure, 180 White LEDs
  • 8 Functions (steady light included)



Promo 34%
Ø 58cm Lights Gold Snowflake, 360 Warm White MicroLEDs
  • Power supply included

€42.90 €64.56
h 125cm, 240 White Leds, Transparent Acrylic Raised Paw Reindeer, Timer



h 85cm, Acrylic Baby Reindeer Christmas Figure, 120 White LEDs
  • 8 Functions (steady light included)



Promo 43%
Ø 58cm Gold Lights Star, 262 Warm White MicroLEDs

€34.90 €61.33
Promo 57%
1.1m Natural Wood Star, Warm White LEDs, Indoor Use
  • Different sizes available

€79.90 €184.46